No Man Life Waits For…

DSC_0108If life strikes me with a blister
I guess it just means its been while
since I’ve been in touch with my soul
sometimes it takes you on a path of a new stroll
My mind has been in a gutter lately… you know,
yours apparently in the clouds
I think of you from time to time there among the stars
whispering inspiration through a breeze it seems
I can’t help but smile
For every now and then I reminded of the past
the bittersweet moments, the jokes, the laughs
The sidebars in life we often take for granted and let pass
the misdirection of our fate we hold steady and not crash
Life is like that sometimes we often forget to say goodbye
We learn to stay tough only to realize we’ve been soft all along
but in your absence its slightly harder to try
It’s a bit more difficult not hearing you disagree as usual
I think when I say if time could be reversed feelings are mutual
Yet deep down inside I could just be thinking overboard
Its that weird feeling every now and then like the blue in the moon
The tide being quiet and seemingly a bit more recessed
My legs felt numb and there was a crumble in my chest
like you still hear me when I whisper what’s next
What I’m trying to say I guess is things just haven’t been the same since you left…

Order of A Natural World


The stench of fear lures like blood,

Sharks at sea level, vultures hovering above.

Venoms of the Earth with agendas overdue,

prayers going up hoping the fires don’t engulf you.

The darkness of night wakes me today,

only cause survival reigned last night,

If I had to choose a side..I’d have to say win,

Funny how it tends to rhyme with sin.


Sometimes  life comes unexpected
and when it does you gotta stay on your toes
and do something
All I know is I could never do nothing
it’s just not the way i was raised… see
I’m a hard worker who always worked faithfully
can’t say I’m married to long hours and change
but the fast paced brain wave patterns and thinkers in the range
firing off ideas and exploring things anew keeps a soul more
humble at ground level to me
Well wishes to the good spirits,
ones we’ve lost and some we’ve tossed in the wind too
those we buried times behind us and some of us just dumping the ashes away,
reminiscing on yesterday, not to say I’d go back well maybe a day or two
But I love the presence feel the essences, my senses tell me life is good..
and if I were to make amends with its end
I can say that…life is good
What else should we take from it aside from a little inspiration
maybe even a little purpose.


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