Essential Freedom (A Slave To Time)


“Blessed To Move” by AMansWell



I’m only a slave to time and if I could find it I’ll prove it to you

See today through to another, since the first out of the womb

In this life or the next maybe in ancient codes, or texts amidst darkened tombs

There is no way to escape it

Please don’t fret this is no complaint…I’m grateful for the insane

I mean unseen… kaleidoscopic daydreams and places I’ve went

That of which I am…plus some of which I ‘ain’t

In the flesh ridden physical, mental or clinical…blissful wishes and heartfelt sentiments

We are all slaves in time

Waking up means there’s a chance to do it again and if I don’t win

life’s focus would see making actions transpire and manifest to something come true

What must I do, when the day goes bored

I’m only a slave to time anyway

if I get a moment should I be guzzled in the fuss of petty lusts

knowing there is a soul mate that life says is destined for me

I’m only a slave to time

To ask me to demoralize, chastise, patronize, or simply sit aside

Is something I simply can’t abide

My master tells me it requires some action, maybe a little laughter

Pain in the book of life always seems to comes some point in the chapter

But its okay, everything succumbs to your presence anyway

Every second ticking by… reminding us of our fate

And if it doesn’t seem to go your way…just wait

Wearing you on our wrists, Quality you

Ripened in our minds to move faster and hurry hurry

Late for an appointment you missed it, setting times and dates just to marry

Letting it slip us by we feel beat…40 complete to close out another week

Sometimes I want to say no but without it I wouldn’t eat

Bonuses don’t balance out to all of those wasted hours in meetings you see

Don’t be confused just be…

Use it, don’t lose it

And if the opportunity comes it’s best not refuse it

There is no rewind in life

Just to say let it be mine would be absurd

It’s all in our mind as it stands over matter

But those delusions of grandeur need no thrive

We’re all slaves to time as long as we’re alive…



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