Where Did My Sanity Go?



So I was having a good time then I realized I was all alone
Who told my sanity to leave or go home?
I mean he was the only friend I had in this world so cold
And when my motivation loses focus, my sanity says be bold
Damn…why did someone insult my mind to influence a departure
Of the only thing there as my friend, comrade, allowing me to be an author
When the pen hits the pad or the keystrokes equal something riveting
I feel good, but without it…my well-being is inhibited.

Who in the hell told my sanity to leave….Damn You!!!!
I can’t even be mad, when I don’t know who to gear my anger towards
You don’t understand my sanity keeps me cool when I wanna act a fool
My sanity sad no when I was considering shit that would have caused harm to me and you
My sanity keeps me kosher, when I say I’m going crazy cause I haven’t seen the smile on my daughter’s face
My sanity says let it go, when I’m thinking of lost loves my mind has yet to erase
Its sanity that keeps us sane, but if you haven’t lost it and its still crazy
Who should you blame?

Somebody tell me…..Where in the hell did my sanity go?

My sanity, man…I tell you sometimes he can be so rude
If he was leaving, common courtesy would have said let me know what he’s going to do
I calmly hit him on the jack……Please come back

So sanity you just gon’ leave and not even give me a heads up?

I know it’s crazy, but with or without you..I refuse to be lackadaisical
Sanity, you left me… without letting me know or even asking for permission
Whether I can continue without you…..guess that’s my decision.

Where in the hell did my sanity go?


Finding you has become the ultimate mission

One thought on “Where Did My Sanity Go?

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