Happy New Year : Thoughts From A Dragon’s Lair

I’d rather stumble upon my success than vacate in the face of doubt
Like a siren ringing nearby or the massed crackle of fireworks in the sky
Sometimes I’m okay with just getting by…then my 2nd thought crosses my plate
As fire eludes these thought patterns
The frail temptation of our scales always enlighten how the year’s been
A man with a broken leg lay next to an empty bottle of Jack by the bar
As I notice him I see a woman complimented on her Kate Spades as she’s handed the eviction notice
dropped from her purse
What’s worse is a waiter kindly reminded her not to avoid her tab this time
Happy New Year…
I have a few resolutions of my own thinking as a crowd of equally filled smiles and frowns fill the room
I glance at obstacles and victories of another year come to a close
We pause as the door opens from the brisk air of winter’s coldness upon our egos
No worries…toasted glasses of champagne drown those little caches in our minds
Keeping us warm
We’re fine…after all we’ve found time…at least for the night
The Dow finished good this time around but sadly those birds didn’t Rise Up in our town
The dawn gets nearer even if many have snoozed on the opportunities
There are those who seek balance in other’s gloominess
Others feel bruised by 2014’s cold shoulders
Or assumed life can’t be changed and refuse to grab change by its roots
before time consumes their souls to a much older spirit
Did you hear it?
The sound of cheers and kazoos bringing in the New chance to do it all again
Maybe get a dance this time next year or win that scratch off you placed your last into
Did I stutter when I shared what life brings
In my mind only bee stings of subtle gestures and celestial confessions
If I did deliver positive emoticons of what could be
We’d be texting kama sutra fantasies probably from another galaxy…a past life
Sharing passion in this menage trios of cupid’s technology
I don’t need you hacking me when there’s nothing left other than my sanity
I’ve materiailized my vision, contributed more action and less wishing
And if I did see a way for you to run away in the midst of one lonely heartful bliss
If I did want my heart stolen I’d want you to take it but not like this
No attachments this time or long nights wishing I would’ve went somewhere else to cerebrate
Did I forget to mention we are now entering the year of the dragon…if my patience doesn’t win, I know all doubt I will have  eradicated

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