I, The Soul Driven Mind…



A Soul Driven Mind, is a place of creative expression. It is a dwelling of conscious creativity and inner thoughts.  Most importantly it is the haven for the free thinker.  I have always enjoyed the freedom of creation and individuality and feel everyone has it within them.  It seems with so many distractions going on in life we tend to forget about the little things that mean so much.  THis blog is a place to help reflect and promote the positive energy bellowing underneath. I hope you enjoy your stay, and please…continue if you are amicable… 🙂

I am a father, a thinker, an I.T. professional, a writer, and a photographer.

I am NOT to be categorized, judged, or placed inside of a box…after all, I will get out.

I was born in South Carolina but have transpired throughout the globe.  Traveling is one of my biggest hobbies, along with motorcycling, painting, forward thinking, outdoors (Hiking,  snowboarding).  I love NATURE and LIFE.

I am currently located on Mars but you can find me in Atlanta, GA on most days conveniently located near Hartsfield International Airport.  I enjoy being a doorstep away from my next destination 🙂   I enjoy meeting new productive and creative people. Freedom and creativity I feel,  are the keys to a soul’s identity with unity being the final result.  It starts with each of us…here I A.M.

Contact: ashtondoesitall@gmail.com
To purchase posters, prints, poetry and other ventures.


11 thoughts on “I, The Soul Driven Mind…

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  2. Like the “free thinker” reference and the confidently stated, “I will get out.” 🙂 A soothing and thought-provoking blog you’ve created. Appreciatively, choosing to follow…

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