The Past is All Behind Me…




The past is all behind me as I look forward to another day
that means the tears and fears of yesterday have gone astray
Had many laughs, but an equal number of stabs…if not more
restored by faith, slowly pacing my way to something new
What does my future hold, as I bite my fist in regret to what I could do
reflecting on bullshit from the past leaves my stomach upset
Or better yet, with a bitter taste, wiping sweat from my brow
Grateful I made it through, cause I believe the time is now

The past is all behind me, I keep tellin’ myself
erasing contacts from my phone, delete…delete..delete all the drama from my buddy list
Some I could care less…others may God bless…they need it

I may miss a few but all in all it’s a reason I’m feelin’ like this
I asked God to send me a sign, He held His end, so now I have to do mine
The past is all behind, as I erase you from my mind, detox you from my body, and evaporate you from my soul
Like washing dishes, scrubbin’ floors, my chores have been completed
The bullshit people, places and things, I bid you farewell because I don’t need it
Please do believe it when I do say the past is all behind me…


Where Did My Sanity Go?



So I was having a good time then I realized I was all alone
Who told my sanity to leave or go home?
I mean he was the only friend I had in this world so cold
And when my motivation loses focus, my sanity says be bold
Damn…why did someone insult my mind to influence a departure
Of the only thing there as my friend, comrade, allowing me to be an author
When the pen hits the pad or the keystrokes equal something riveting
I feel good, but without it…my well-being is inhibited.

Who in the hell told my sanity to leave….Damn You!!!!
I can’t even be mad, when I don’t know who to gear my anger towards
You don’t understand my sanity keeps me cool when I wanna act a fool
My sanity sad no when I was considering shit that would have caused harm to me and you
My sanity keeps me kosher, when I say I’m going crazy cause I haven’t seen the smile on my daughter’s face
My sanity says let it go, when I’m thinking of lost loves my mind has yet to erase
Its sanity that keeps us sane, but if you haven’t lost it and its still crazy
Who should you blame?

Somebody tell me…..Where in the hell did my sanity go?

My sanity, man…I tell you sometimes he can be so rude
If he was leaving, common courtesy would have said let me know what he’s going to do
I calmly hit him on the jack……Please come back

So sanity you just gon’ leave and not even give me a heads up?

I know it’s crazy, but with or without you..I refuse to be lackadaisical
Sanity, you left me… without letting me know or even asking for permission
Whether I can continue without you…..guess that’s my decision.

Where in the hell did my sanity go?


Finding you has become the ultimate mission

“The Wolves”

My dealings have been dominating my destiny

While my mind has been running in the wind

And if these thoughts grind til a million pieces

That’ll prove whose truly of wolves or mere men

They say we were born in sin

Voices tell me we were put here to win

If life tends to end in anything otherwise

It was none of right or wrong

but only one ourselves who  had decided

Must we replay the script, change the stage masked with another

and If you have to play the game this time do it like no other

Rifled in spirit yet  trifled in heart the coldness of a soul

Has never been left in the cold…funny ain’t it.

Call me crazy…until you ask why?

And if mine does return to the pleasures of the east

Matters of the least standby

Sheep left hanging we can only ‘prey’ they stand clear

Just know the wolves saw it coming

And it was that  bird’s eye view that controlled the lift and held steer

© 2014 Thermal Words