The Past is All Behind Me…




The past is all behind me as I look forward to another day
that means the tears and fears of yesterday have gone astray
Had many laughs, but an equal number of stabs…if not more
restored by faith, slowly pacing my way to something new
What does my future hold, as I bite my fist in regret to what I could do
reflecting on bullshit from the past leaves my stomach upset
Or better yet, with a bitter taste, wiping sweat from my brow
Grateful I made it through, cause I believe the time is now

The past is all behind me, I keep tellin’ myself
erasing contacts from my phone, delete…delete..delete all the drama from my buddy list
Some I could care less…others may God bless…they need it

I may miss a few but all in all it’s a reason I’m feelin’ like this
I asked God to send me a sign, He held His end, so now I have to do mine
The past is all behind, as I erase you from my mind, detox you from my body, and evaporate you from my soul
Like washing dishes, scrubbin’ floors, my chores have been completed
The bullshit people, places and things, I bid you farewell because I don’t need it
Please do believe it when I do say the past is all behind me…


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