Residing in Atlanta but the world is my home.

Regardless of where I am in time or space my love for the arts has always remained. That love for literature has driven me and inspired me in many different avenues of expression with both photography and writing topping the list. From that point, I just needed to reach the world.  I thank you all for tuning into A Soul Driven Mind.  You guys make the dream true.  Thanks for digging it out of me.  I hope this corner of the earth is a nice little getaway for you guys and gals.  Feel free to hit me up  wherever you find me…(if you can) 🙂

It could be a quote of the day, maybe a compliment from a friend- or a photo that reminded you of the glory years. Some times I feel we should find peace in one another.  our words, our laughter, or smiles. We should remind each other it’s okay to love. If only we’d take the time.  The simplest things sometimes bring the best joy and peace of mind.  That’s the purpose of A Soul Driven Mind….I’m here to slow down and take a moment to remind you.  I hope you enjoy the experience.

Travel photography is my passion and I hope to do it full time some day. As for my writing… a very LARGE collection….I write everyday sometime three or four different pieces …on the iphone, napkins, laptop, toilet paper…haaaa, I kid I kid, nah really.

My portfolio ranges from New York to Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Atlanta, Seattle, and many other Earthtastic places.

It’s about expression…be free

Tune in for updates and also checkout my other blog: http://amanswellphotos.wordpress.com



Email me sometime: ashtondoesitall@gmail.com


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