She’s Naughty When I’m Nice

I got home first, so I rushed through the house trying to set things up,
A few candles, some incense, bubble bath, and some cherries in a cup.
We’ve been neglecting each other lately but I’ve had enough of that,
You’ve been on my mind all day, so come here and take a bath to relax.
I’ll feed you a few cherries while you listen to something I recited,
then you can sing me one of those jingles that always gets me excited.
I want to kiss on your neck and rub my fingers through your hair.
Let me nibble on you ears while my hands wander here and there,
your juices begin to flow, I “test the waters”…ummm tastes sweet.
You know the essence of that fragrance always drives me wild,
no cell phone rule enforced, so let’s turn them off for a while.
No TV, no music, not even WordPress tonight,
let me suck on your navel, those nipples too & squeeze and bite.
The sounds of our bodies, the only thing I want to hear,
this is your night lady, and I’m not stoppin’ until I see tears.
I placed a blanket on the floor we don’t even need the bed,
I’ll spell my name in “it”, while you play with my ears and head.
Who said chivalry is dead, if I can’t do you right someone else will instead.
It’s a thermal workout, let me do some push ups…many reps,
then chest press, maybe a few other positions as we switch over….Kama Sutra.
Bang, Bang..her love has shot me down many times, but tonight…. I’m the shooter.
You can “cum” in, as you scissor kick and tease me with those thighs,
precise moves like in chess, and we both have closed our eyes.
1 for me, 3 for you, nails piercing in my back, our bodies screaming, your voice going hoarse,
I asked you if I found your spot just right and you said…of course.


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