A Breath of Exposure…

When The universe loves me it tends to hug me through nature
I’m soothed knowing I woke up to another day just to mingle in the groove
on one of those fist pumped Mondays
Call me crazy but maybe I am…over her.
Mother Earth tends to do that sometimes…
Waking up to her morning breath
smile so fresh…i wanna fall dose once more just to wake up in her arms again
Can we do it on repeat as the heat brings friction to a flame
In a shell of ourselves we hopelessly fumble anticipating the struggle instead of the laughter
Every day life should bring closure to yet another chapter
May we dance life into the Nostalgic rhythms of another drum beat some day
as the last breath closes in on life’s silly game…I can only hope you had a Field day
WHen all debt are paid we must all collide with life’s end…did you grind, ride the bench or merely play?


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