“The Wolves”

My dealings have been dominating my destiny

While my mind has been running in the wind

And if these thoughts grind til a million pieces

That’ll prove whose truly of wolves or mere men

They say we were born in sin

Voices tell me we were put here to win

If life tends to end in anything otherwise

It was none of right or wrong

but only one ourselves who  had decided

Must we replay the script, change the stage masked with another

and If you have to play the game this time do it like no other

Rifled in spirit yet  trifled in heart the coldness of a soul

Has never been left in the cold…funny ain’t it.

Call me crazy…until you ask why?

And if mine does return to the pleasures of the east

Matters of the least standby

Sheep left hanging we can only ‘prey’ they stand clear

Just know the wolves saw it coming

And it was that  bird’s eye view that controlled the lift and held steer

© 2014 Thermal Words


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