What’s a Bastard To Do

Settling in to the cool breeze
Honey and iced Tea are all I need
A path chosen few others tend to notice
Sentiments of misused tools
Speaking negative vibes are not needed in this side

What’s A Bastard to do…on such a pleasant day

Perhaps let the bullshit stray..or seek refuge somewhere far away?

Could he just scream and yell knowing it’s what they’re used to anyway?

Maybe he’ll just smile and continue to sip his tea.

Hypocritical notions and other choices leaving one hopeless
What’s a Bastard To do…when there is more love next to you
When’s that smile tends to brighten even the darkest skies
The essence of Her touch feels the pain that so often resides deep behind those ‘windows’

The path she walks tends help the patience that he never seems to find

What’s a Bastard To do when each and every thought brings her forth to this mind

What’s a Bastard To Do when love finds him too..in due time


       Photography by AMansWell.com


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