guess who’s BaaaACCCK!

this feel weird. its been a few long months since the last post.  As some of you may know I’d taken a break from writing to focus mostly on the photography side of things.  Writing has always been a passion but something about my photography has taken a total grip on things.  I guess its a good thing.  Surely a proud moment to announce the hard efforts are paying off and thus look forward to the soon Grand Opening of the AmansWell gallery & studio coming to metro Atlanta.  It’s going to be a culture gallery of sort, boasting photography and art through various mediums of local artists including some of my own work.  We’ll be located approximately 3 miles from Hartsfield Jackson InternationalAirport, so for anyone stuck during a layover(Anthony Bourdain this goes for your too 😉 stop by and hang out.  Stay tuned as more details emerge.


But anyway back to this writing thing…i missed it.  And so now, at a point where my hobby has become the profession….I need the old fling back.  Not much has happened my way other than marriage, birth of my young son, and a new chapter of life.  But now that i’m back to you…that’s right YOU!  I wan you to know there’s been a lot brewing in that tiny little factory of ‘mind’ that I just may share as the story unfolds.



Dear WordPress, thanks for not deleting my account.


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