Blessons: On A Cum Up…


One night, 2 bodies, 3 scratches….4, holes in the wall from the headboard scrubbing,
A night of passion, pleasure, perversion, and promiscuous loving
Your pumps lay across the room as I onto your naked frame
something so unique about that chemistry, something tells me she’s feeling the same
Surely I must be digging her; normally she’d be gone by the morn.
Aside from the tryst we make of our evenings, I love her smile.
Her juices are to die for… and her lips, both pairs, sometimes I just want to stare before I touch.
Feel the rush, anticipating the thrust, we can go on for hours and still not get“enough”
Loving it rough with light chokes to the throat, and rhythmic spasms,
Please tell me ya not faking those sassy orgasms, if so I gotta spank you.
Just before I thank you, for making me work harder, as the calories are burned.
Every day we learn something new, but I’ve been taught so much in your presence
In your absence I feel scorned
Maybe it’s your commandments that expands the beautification scale from zero to the maximum
Bang, bang at the intersection, even a blind man could perceive the joy from the shot
Call me your Mount’n Lion, for keeping it wetter in the most sensual of your spots.


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