Destiny is My Bitch, Fate is such a T.h.o.t.

photo (13)


The Ghost Rider inside always begs to differ,

As for me I’m alright.

Even with a shadow of a glimpse we stand there mumbling and not taking enough steps to fumble what should we fear?

Never been scared to face those foes

Doubt you’ll find anyone who could tell you they ever seen me froze

Oh no…& if the heavens only reviewed our haptic mindsets and malevolent ways we’d long been casts into worldly hells of this mad society and cities turned cold

Stories of my ancestors have long been untold no wonder most of them had no possibility of ever growing old

Like gangsters moving in silence if we used that same effort to make our way to libraries we might just see ourselves gettin’ smarter or somewhere a little farther than Metro or Marta

Bringing checkers to a chess game hell yeah I said it

Next tax season come around let’s watch who forget it…


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