Exotic Measures: It Started Uptown


A pantry of thoughts fulfilling to even the most sacred of one’s desires
as lustful urges burn towards your flame
Patience leaves me no choice but to hold steady
riding home on this evening train

Thoughts of you and I forever lingering in my brain
Exotic measures and its pleasure upon two souls seeking the same
Captivated by your aura here I am wondering if these pheromones are to blame
for this love stricken token making its way to play in our little crazy game

One for breakfast, 2 for lunch, a photo of what? I’d rather not say
Anticipating your reply to numerous texts I’ve sent today
Exotic measures put pressures on even the most treasured jewels
All those bedridden taboos just waiting to take place by love smitten fools

Who knew we’d come this far in such little time
I knew you’d be ready once you heard the doorbell chime
Chances we take for the chance to go further
Uptown and down, around the corner to street 69.


2 thoughts on “Exotic Measures: It Started Uptown

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