One Act Away from Paradise

As I sit on the veranda to life’s edge,

I lift one hand to my heart to make a pledge

To not let the drama win again.

For I’ve seen the truth succumb to so many men.

As we let the forks of madness poke us and buffoonery choke us…

while visions of a better picture painted have evaded us.

We get higher off the methamphetamine of hypocrisy

And crab pulling tokes slowly creep upon us…all the while lifespan of society shortens ….for us.

Why can’t we just step aside and say “let faith guide what’s real in me,”

Not just for the money, or because it sounds cunning…

You gotta be kidding me…I won’t let the bullshit win again.

Often devastating so many men.

Seems like fancy jewelry, fast cars… expensive clothes…. has stolen our souls.

we can’t stand for nothing cause we fall for anything,

Oh I know…you don’t wanna hear that, cause for once

I won’t let your pain reign again.

I can’t begin to understand how we can be so fickle, riddled by so many options….

But it takes so little to stray from what we stood for a minute ago…

Hell I don’t know…but I DO know this…I won’t let the bullshit win again.

Accepting lost souls as wins befriending foes again

I just can’t let the bullshit win again…and take me over.

Deaf, blind, helpless, feeble, drunk, or alive and sober

It’s gone too far.

Times overdue for raising the bar…enough of letting the ignorance win…when we know what’s just…

I’m gonna stop writing, hooting & hollerin’ now…

Cause it takes more than me…but US.

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