High Notes of A Melodic Flow…


Her melody sways with the curvature of her hips,
Embellishing the silhouette of her lips.
It’s something about that masterpiece type vibe,
Similar to the Symphony 9…she has a Melodic Flow.
Cascading thru the Jones of my bones, I can’t seem
to stay focused,
For every time she walks by… the clef notes of my heart seem to notice.
She has a Melodic Flow….let me know when you ready
for me to record.
We can play the C scale as I find your G spot,
As the rhythm of our bodies play non-stop.
Girl….you got that Melodic Flow…should I start off slow,
Or fast forward to the end, press rewind and do it
all over again.
The way her smile seems to collide with mine, as her notes keep me high.
She has a Melodic Flow…baby flow on…let me know if
I need to record.
It’s just something special when we’re both on the
same accord.


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