Recipe To Intimacy

4 shots
3 positions
2 bodies
1 good night

After those 4 shots we feel pretty good,
Instead of “Headboard Games” we gonna try something
The countdown begins and here is what we shall do…
Take 4 steps closer, undressing as you move near
My heart is beating 3 times faster cause I’ve been
waiting to get you here…that’s unusual.
2 sweet kisses both long and passionate,
I’m feeling this, don’t even wanna say I’m “Smashin” it,
Tonight I’m “making love”….maybe you’re the… 1.
4play for the both of us, 3 entities; you; me, and
both our souls combined as one,
similar to the trinity…
2 hearts pulsating, 1 set of lips gyrating, the other ….vibrating, zero ignored…
How are you feeling?
As sweat pours like never b4…I’ve pulled 3 tracks…
2 rugburns, and one satisfied p*$$y in fact…lol
I want you to take score, you have 1….I have zero….guess there’s more work to do.
I want you to dip down low then make that little arch in your back,
You throw it my way, and I throw it right back,
feels so good being “tit” for “tat.”
Whispering in one another’s heart, I know you’ve been hurt b4,
But I swear on everything times 3…. you have to worry no more…I am here.
9 months alter, We are 2 beings together for our love child… as 1.

photo (12)

from “Let the Poetic Flow…Deeper” Erotic Poetry & Prose… $0.99 e-book

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