Hugs, Grub,Boats, Beaches & Love

Foliage glows in the wind akin to a lovely breeze
clouds graze nearby as #reggae feeds a rhythm to the #souls of dancehall #queens.
My mind is off right now, I’m tooย  INTO you
It’s just that #Jamaican breeze intoxicating to your pheromones
next to auras that simmer in the flavor of Oxtails and #Red Stripe
Bending over in your 2-piece…lemme just have a bite
Letting your hair down now would be quite alright Better yet let’s spend the night…
And the one after…spreading forever love juices thru a smitten new chapter shared upon #wine, #rum and #laughter
This is what life be like, natural as the wind against my skin
Real as you and I here at this very moment…feels good don’t it?

Email: for #photos

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