The Same Ol’ Random Shit…

I’m tired of the fuels of our frustrations being taken for granted along with our sanity
Please know it’s the man in me that won’t let you go…
I want to do more than just explore the inner most cavities of your rapport
But rather let me explore… your heart
May I take you for a ride on mentally orgasmic thoughts of you and I?
What they see as us, I see as a must…
The candylicker to your very soul and  Pied Piper of your heart
Never parting as we scatter the bullshit beyond that…me and you, you and me
We’re BEYOND that…same ole Random Shit
Take me but don’t make me….wait in vain
Something about those sweet words you sing
Something about those beautiful eyes spread amongst a smile so gorgeous
I adore this…just you and I…because it’s so much sweeter…
Than that same ol’ Random shit…you’ve heard before
I don’t need the world as long as you’re mine…
I apologize because I’m trying to claim something greater than pain
and more precious than gold…your soul
We all have flaws , but my frequency says it’s worth it
Whispering vulva messages through your thighs to your spine
Morse codes of our minds as the thought of you being mine…tingle
Waking up in the morn to scanted memories reminiscent of porn
May our sins be Forgiven while our lust remains driven…who’s to judge anyway
Your everything…your all…your walls, your highs and your falls
You are my all… more lows, just bare felt bodies amongst naked toes
love vexed potions dripping next to drops of a well enticed treat
not like those same ol’ random broads…who used to be in my passenger seat.

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