Peaceful Simplicity

!DSC_2296Tangible grace like yours must have been created in a maze
I’ll admit I truly am amazed
that despite all of the waves, mischievious thoughts and insidious ways
We’ve survived unscathed
Never mind the bullshit…they’re gonna talk anyway…that’s why we’ve bathed
Riches illume of self-knowledge and health without any doubt I’m paid…
One tends to notice when you begin to lose focus
Considering sleep lost over that you can’t change and a bed less made
Wolves cashing in on sheep, just know the wool’s been frayed
Instead of peddling along hopeless
Take time to realize its in your control just know what hope is
Any bliss that I intend to revive from the past that time has passed by
will be my own Life breathed into well wishes, her kisses, + harmonic ambitionsΒ  that I refuse to let DIE…

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