Hello Sky, What’s Limit Around Here?

I’d much rather sit on the sidelines and watch time fly than to play these petty drama games slowly as life dies
I own mine and for that every breath I take factions of a new sanction redeem itself as to a purpose
Ignorance is bliss only if you’re worthless and I know that ain’t so
maybe if I’m anxious enough I can get the world to see my picture etched softly across the web of space
maybe this lustful tryst called life knows better than to entrust me with everything when every breath is akin to orgasmic satisfaction…
But only a few notice….others just lack focus…what more are you asking? I know folks who ain’t woke up this morning.
…yeah you may have had a dreary day but for someone its pouring
Appreciate what you have cause we’ve all been created to not stay here forever
love is the only option to bring 1 together…

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