Atlanta: Laughing Stock of the Country

Almost three years to the date, Atlanta has suffered almost the exact debacle that riddled through the city in 2011.  While most of the country scratched their heads and shunned the South yet again, Georgians and tourists were stuck in bumper to bumper gridlock on many of the highways.  I-75, I-285, & I-20 reminded you of many of the scenes from “the Walking Dead” as motorists spent hours upon hours in their vehicles; some as much as twenty.  Secondary roads were not better as motorists simply left their vehicles stranded in the middle of the ice ridden roads and in ditches to begin to walk to the nearest shelter.  How can 2-3 inches of snow cause so much of a catastrophe?  I’ll tell you why, lack of initiative on behalf of the city’s leaders but also the people of Atlanta.  We saw firsthand as reporters drilled city leaders on the disturbing ordeal that caused a city wide shutdown , stranded motorists, and deserted children.  The outcome; very few solid answers.  When kids are forced to sleep on gymnasium and classroom floors, it’s sad.  Who do we have leading our city?  It’s apparent the focus of city leaders has been more in tune with a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons and relocation of Turner Field to Cobb county, not weather updates. Yes, mayor Kasim Reed and governor Nathan Deal did make a huge mistake by not warning the people of the city in a timely fashion or ‘staggering when people can leave” as he put it.  There was definitely lots of poor planning, but at what point are people willing to accept some of the responsibility.  If you’ve ever visited Atlanta, you know that traffic can be a pain on any given day especially when it rains.  Of course, snow is going to be a complete cluster. As a resident of metro Atlanta I watched firsthand while driving home around noon on Tuesday, as cars raced through the snow like it was 80 degrees in San Diego.  It is true, many Georgians don’t know how to drive in snow, many fail to operate accordingly in rain, what can you really expect?  All I’m saying is when you fail to plan, you can plan to fail.  Is it really necessary to wait until leadership advises an impeding tragedy and possible disarray?  In the game of life, sitting around waiting on someone else to make a decision for you is a sure way to end in failure in my opinion.  Although I must say that it was a beautiful thing to witness people opening their homes to one another and coming together in unison, if only for a few days through a crisis.  If only we could perform these kindhearted duties on a daily basis.  What would it take, more snow…more hurricanes perhaps?  You tell me. 


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