“The Ripples of Thought”

The waves of yesterday seem as only ripples in the back of my mind
I tend to stroke upon these facets along the lines of my own intuition
noting that our own will allows us to fold, stand tall…or just let go and keep wishing
A perspective ever changes sees more light in a darkened society
while many stall amidst the warmth.
Is it our own despair that has given us away allowing to follow suite while the sins of mankind dwell in its sorrow
…askin’ how can my actions of today not bring karma tomorrow?
Love sees not boundaries in this crest of reality
Mother nature seeks not the mockery
So before I fall victim as an ignorant casualty
Contemplating on these notes…figuring it all out…will be my approach
pondering this & that from the confusion I’ll retract
There must be a better way
If ignorance is bliss I’ll kindly dismiss
In a sea of knowledge these days many rather sink than float
I’d rather be…On a beach somewhere thinking of hope.

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