“HeadBoard” Games

Let’s try something tonight that we haven’t done before,

We’ll bring a few board games to life…so close the bedroom door.

It’s a TRIVIAL PURSUIT as our clothes fall like DOMINOES,

Have you ever played TWISTER nude… it can be a pleasure,

Especially when your CANDY LAND is the ultimate prize and treasure.

I believe I have the right CLUE as to what you need in your LIFE,

But before we get to that…let us engage in TABOO,

As I CONNECT FOUR with my tongue just to see what you may do.

Here to there…. thighs to hips,

You’ll think I’m a HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO….the way I stroke upon those ‘lips.’

UNO, says it’s good, dos, tres, says you want more,

Baby,you’re in TROUBLE..illustriously under ATTACK.

Checkmate or crown me king…as I approach the queen at back.

Maybe this OPERATION will bring your spirits alive like the OUIJA,

Or maybe you will let me SCRABBLE, then take a break and drink some fiji.

It’s all about RISK, depending how far you willing to go,

I want to be your MONOPOLY, let me control your property slow.

It’s not a FEAR FACTOR…all I need is your time,When my BATTLESHIP enters, I’m SORRY…any further comments I will have to decline.

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