“Raw In Nature”


Deflected by the path of rectitude we walk in the footsteps of a cold dark society

But If the sun chooses to rise through the darkness and frail shadows …so should I…

Why, not?

I see myself as another being of light strayed away from the masses & blasphemy.

Raw in nature I am the nurturer to the brush of my own path and what awaits

And if I strive to please you I’d be a fool let alone condone my own soul’s will.

Stars aligned define a new meaning to existent and I too can participate in this silly


But I’d rather not waste  my vibes dancing amidst the same tune of destiny or fate….

I’ve always been more of One to Create…

if I too remain calm and persistent…woosah

Detachment from emotions we chant…Hoorah!

Never let it get you down…

why frown too many wrinkles in places that need not be anyhow…ha!

Catastrophes of this life’s illusion do blind the deceitful eye in sun shine.

A blink of any defiled scribes and misguided minds…oops, you missed it

Casting pearls before swine has never been a thought of mine yet I’d offer a helping mind.

Define time in this matrix of twisted distractions, guilt, and fear

Waking up moments before death only to realize your time was wasted here.

Breathe in…raw nature…Exhale… let it go


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