Where Heaven Ends…

My mind wonders at bay as thoughts take me away
Reeking shadows of silhouetted glass while ushers pass
They wear concubine smiles which mean nothing
Simple emotions a melting pot of hate with faith
& filtered brews intoxicating our commandments
Many slight only because of lack in understanding
Misguided at the notion love is a token of some sort of conditional degree
Terms and conditions many wish towards their own misery
Tell me I’m crazy or perhaps my complex simplicity is getting the best of me
Aside from those head injuries…I’ve banged my head against the walls ever since
The separation followed drunkenly into the hereafter
Pointless… not appreciating moments that matter
I met a deacon today…couldn’t tell, he ignored my greeting and dare look at me
Eye contact is no more than paranoia in the evil presence of our own creations…if ya’ ask me
Selfish is a mother that fails to wipe away those tears
Any hope of happiness and foundation riddles astray after so many years wondering…
for whom can I welcome near?
Trusting no other than my own intuition
After all we are of the same, yet not?
Or at least that’s what they told me?
Lies and dreams all mean the same when we don’t see threads the same in this interwoven scheme…
Logically or spiritually, why waste time?
It’s the excrement many are after, Zoop is a perfect example

How dare you call yourselves soul creatures yet frolic upon the worth of life’s purpose
See I could just insult but I’d much rather revolt….I gotta do it my way
Followed my own path of intent with no resentment for those then, now, or far
Be grateful I don’t fit your concern into heartburn for the time scorned and unrighteous torn
Those years aren’t hazy surprisingly life lasts this long for even the cold and crazy
Words don’t amaze me and it’s no surprise
There is animosity within you that doesn’t faze me
You gotta live with that…sad ain’t it?
Ignored when I explained it
Clearly wanted a picture, here, I’ll paint it….vividly
Your turmoils don’t concern a trifled heart
A spark of light sheds no worry of heaven or hell, haven’t you heard?
Silly mi mind forever in the next chapter
Reflecting glitches in the Matrix of an unborn society
Whether or not we’ve played… how far must we go?
The now is near and the past is yet gone again…
A clock ticks away desperation and lost patience
Time reveals that which I can not recover
Although the end is what we’re facing
How can we be seekers of truth stuck in the rubble
Distracted by the madness we’ve been embracing
Prescribed through time many times and still stutter,
Twisted in meekness of worn spirits
Knowing truth but honestly how often is Veritas sought?
A very high percentage have already been mentally bought and resold
By the time the last breath has been felt and the now faded has grown cold
Many are stuck facing the demons of an imprisoned past captured by a shutter
Where Heaven ends seems to be nearer to the Gutter…



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