Breathe..feel that?
The sands of time re-lease a new plot in this act of life’s stage
Many have played before yet lack focus to stop and even take notice…breath
The grips of spirit fetch echos with each expansion
dangling the emotions of guilt built from all but the physical drama turmoil and subliminals.
A newborn sees more than the color and sounds amongst laughter and smiles
a few forgotten faces we haven’t seen in awhile
Each breath brings us closer to insight to anew
Every single breath sends the consciousness of love too

Just breathe…but don’t take it lightly

If I could remember to do anything at once I’d do just one…exhale
In this manifested scheme breath brings brought forth the very editor to this pretense.
Maybe the light sends some semblance to refine me, and if this is deja vu please let it do remind me
Inhale to accept the precious gift presented in this moment as it was intended to be rewarded
Knowing woes are only lessons to be temporarily recorded
Aqueous dreams and life seams do come to a close
The spot, the stage, the turning of the page, the props and drops
The script the actors, are all much to take heed
The shelter of timing is never flawed
So when the last gasp exits the stage…applaud.


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