Clouds Smile From A Canvas

Painting a picture with strokes of thought that flow upstream

amid adjectives and verbs, excommunicated gestures and other erroneous words.

the canvas once straddled in gray now pursues truth & rays of hope several times in a day.

Even in the rain, I let dreams carry me away… while cleansing the sorrows….is this the norm?
Many will find the digestions of negative reflect no hope of a better tomorrow without a positive vision

An easel to my fate destiny firmly waits, matting shadows of the past behind the frames of my mind

What is worth more than a life of love lost to misguided promises and unruly silence?

We all need guidance but sit still and seek within…to find it.

Never again will I be scorned for the colors ignored in this proverbial masquerade of glee

long overdue while reaching inside of my soul I was clued that crepuscular rays illumine very similar to me.

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