The world doesn’t see traces of a rainbow deterred
only the rust manifesting from a dream deferred.
What some of us elope for, the rest seem to only hope for…more
Slopped in this fascination of a crowd of plotful egos
Is it hard to recognize why some disregard the true nature
of a reality only to become lost in the weather?
And whether or not you realize birds of a feather do flock together maybe they’re fasting farther away from any hope of destiny
Maybe it’s me not seeing the simplicity in the lack of thought driven
forth or perhaps my very own existence is just some
lackadaisical thought process in recess.
Yet when the same emphasis is shown fusions of tension stiffen upon the arenas of laughter.
No wonder solitude is owed to a lonely soul molded in the minds of many who’ve distanced themselves.
The closer one tends to draw towards the line of harmony, the further apart everything of purpose seems to be…drifting away



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