Memorabilia Is Only an Abstract Moment In Time

DSC_0457De ja vu brings renditions of patterns in the form of scattered showers to a new frontier
while remembering those thoughts on a purpose are all we’ve shared
What once was a common cause or care has now become cold laughs and blind stares
As a heart at cope with matters of the past we still weep inside knowing each moment is long gone
Why do we steer in the brinks of the tumbleweed path?
Not knowing what we have been given shall last
understanding what we’ve been given, shall we freeze, move to a beat of a different drum, slow down, or speed up to the tempo of those sad songs we’ve been singing for far too long
Although the seasons do reflect the aroma of nostalgia not long ago
I do feel we have come closer…to life
If it means anything, every morning I awake to the birds’ song…thats good enough

The rest is easy and if I have the conversation with time like I did before
the story hasn’t changed just abstract glitches in this matrix we’re living
anticipating promises of hope that the next moment is given…at last.

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