At with a javaHolic…the soapbox


Early mornings with the blinded masses

misguided by fake smiles and grim laughter

Morning meetings to discuss more meetings

Superficial greetings and self –esteems of those who’ve apparently

undergone all sorts of verbal lashings and terrible beatings…lifetime upon lifetime

 Boost me from all of the madness…is this really what I want?

Emails back and forth about potential sales,

last night’s janitor clearly mistook my software collection for Braille.

Selfish twistories and all sorts of vindictive summaries upon negative glory.

Religious arguments…Wait!  Its 8.a.m. can we all just be friends

Live as people and not animals until the end…or perhaps at least 5pm?

I can tell you this I don’t need the last case of “Mondays” on my file again

Was it the 4 cups of your caffeine, I’ve been clean from nicotine for a while now…oh I get it

 Maybe the long hours and lack of raises again?

My work performance wouldn’t show that my bank account is still low

And on top of the matter by which I do reach social security’s age it will have shattered.

May I cash out now?

May I lash out now?

With a smile and my renunciation I can find my own emancipation…awaiting

Spain…Croatia…perhaps a cozy little corner of Jamaican soil.

Undecided somewhere on an island if you fail to hear anything from me all’s well.

South Coast, Slavonia…nature calls, who needs Dell?

Eggs boiled, catch of the day…my bagel will be fresh, and non-toxic…and you coffee too…then again with so much of that true life around

I probably wouldn’t need any of you.

For now to wake me up and get me through

these Excel spreadsheets, audits, fake rapports,

inventory, presentations, escalations,

blasphemy of all sorts just to do it all again tomorrow.

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