These Thoughts are Goldfish…


Daydreams flow under a bridge where consciousness seems toย  travel

as a mind tends to unwind, patience wants to unravel

Not giving much thought or bother

by far these scars were placed here as martyrs

Reminder of the physical being washed away in mental cavities

Wisdom, knowledge, along with all kinds of dogma and religious blasphemies.


These thoughts are goldfish, they don’t hang around too long.


Why waste each and every moment, do they not mean anything

time is most precious when you seek to notice everything.

These thoughts are goldfish I let them be free as they must.

In my heart I see light, in my mind I know trust

And when they’re complete…new ones flow along as they should.


The Thoughts are Goldfish…let them swim to and fro


What’s harmony without GOOD knowledge of BAD…it’s all relative anyway

Sitting along banks, a host of reflections and ideas creeping in slowly

No manifestations to be defeated and no prisons can hold me….flow on

A passion for life, no desires to grieve, fires of inspiration burning away those traces of greed.

Health & strong mind and lifetimes of love & giving guaranteed.






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