Kisses Are Nice but Memories Stick Better…


One thought, two hearts,

Abreast as they soar.

Eight limbs embracing tightly,

Can you feel the amour?

Sweat dripping from our bodies,

As eruptions spew between us both.

A succession this is,

While our bodies seem to boast.

Thief to my heart,

Looking at you I stare,

You scream to me harder,

And I say oh, right there.

The energy is supernova,

The fires of hell would despair.

Your love takes me over,

To places I normally wouldn’t dare.

With the trigger finger of love,

I pull with much delight,

If the sun were to stare,

There would be nothing to compare

The voice of Mother Nature,

Scaling in degrees,

As the rhapsody concurs with souls.

And islands dance in the breeze.

Baby take me away,

Memories do seem to last forever

as fractions of your kisses  just as precise as the weather.

Gold plating to my karma, adhesive to my soul

Cherished forever, never letting them go.


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