“Rendezvous”…pt. 1

When we reunited our hearts bound with passionate grasps beyond division,

with the least bit reluctance and the utmost precision.

It’s you and every single drop of your lust drowning in my heart,

We can take this beyond any other because when we rekindle it will start.

The hunger for your temple has been aching my soul and clenching my mind all in the same,

I can no longer cope with this pressure nor let us torment one another with this game.

COme with me tonight without a worry on your mind,

Care in your heart, apparel overlying your spine,  motion with your body language, I’m carefully observing all of your signs.

Our bodies are whispering releasing the tensions of the week

As rose petals & champagne dazzle the sanction,  strawberries and whipped cream  perched aside to make it sweet…


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