As Small As a Giant…Simply Our Creations


The passion sits burning,
yearning to be manifested in the shadows of the mind
Aside of the window sill I sit still gazing at skylines and ushered escapes
Rushing through traffic for no one time seems to wait.
Elevators…they crowd many kilos over capacity,
sharing cubicles with the one guy who always seems to be mad at me.
Taxis cab, old ladies singing songs of the past, kids backpacked on the way to school they laugh.
Marta trains and rails, exchange of business via emails,
newspaper stands open, the scent of bagels fill the room
Mascara putting away gloom as sunshine and birds chirp bringing new hope to a life
that may be failing or disillusioned in doom

It all starts here…within.

From rooftops in the distance, state parks, rivers and trees

groomed and landscaped among other shrubberies.
Before it can be expelled to the breath of the physical,
mental patterns cascading sometimes makes all seem dismal.
These thought are as small as a giant…what’s time to these brainwaves racing.
Faster than the speed of those alike still different from one experience of might
The clean air, rainy days, cold stares, it’s all relative anyways.
Jack hammers and nail guns keep clambering
As marble and glass curtains skirt horizons and tower cranes,
Putting doubt in the minds of those naysayers who said nothing could be gained
All of these creations glamour before us; feast your eyes
Just look around,
It’s no surprise to my mind these thoughts made belief,
From ancient Egypt, to London, and Rome… even these urban streets
Nothing has changed…only the mind frames
Some want to add, others favor subtraction
A giant seeing no greater quality than
to place these thoughts into words…making blueprints with THESE actions.

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