We’ll Always Be Brothers


Am I not the keeper of my brother?
I learned to read from obituaries
I understand that I need not worry but for so many others… I’m concerned..
Soaking in the flames lost in a darkness we steal from ourselves here and then
Tears frozen in this cold world from the chains of hypocrisy again.
who said a king at heart could never show pain
From the depths of his soul
I feel a slight quiver from hearts of the same
A world of villains thrive while the heroes are gone… who can you blame?
although my divine attributes do sometimes tend to fail
the life I know saw passed these atrocities
while others minds still seem to be staled.
Not that I’m complaining or grown frail
there is just so much you could not guess
and if I’m not a keeper of my brother
the ideas of servitude have all gone a mess.
From dog tags lost to those fallen by the hands of another…
We’ve clearly lost focus with no attempts to get it better.
Through the storm we are still brothers.
Birthed by different but of the same Mother…Earth.
When did we stop being brothers?
I thought I could count on you and from me you can feel the same.
Instead we’re playing games…lost hugs and misdirected our love.
For what?


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