It All Happened On The Beaches of Hot Sands…pt.2


Anxiously given,

Each moment in lust subsided with our presence

Maybe it was her essence combined with the obsession.

Tickled in the rhythm of our fancies amidst ocean weather

Tequila and Red Stripes curious where I retrieved that feather.

Sweet kisses to your neck chased by my tongue with the sediments

Between those thighs it felt so evident.

Pheromones in the wind reminded me this was not just another game

I knew where mine was but did her heart feel the same?

Pulsating in the sand…it never did strike that maybe she had a man.

But here I am, with her…it all begin with a gesture at that

A little verbal greeting not even very much eye contact

Well maybe a split second or two

They always said they were the windows to the soul

This far I didn’t expect to go.

Traveling parallel to the stars similar to the birds singing in affinity.

Twilight in our minds from the airport she had remembered me.

On a highway of love next to a backroad by the shores of ecstasy.

Oooh yes, the mood is setting deeper under a cherry moon

Who knew it would come like this so soon

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