The Infamous Locomotive: The Little Engine that Could…grown Up


Stand clear as I move past

 tumbling down a long cross-tied stroll

 The perception of my existence does meet the iniquities of time

While I find that those who stood before me

only succumbed to the news of this train’s glory

 Unlike many a stories

Maybe it’s the burdens to blame

For all the stamina, all the momentum

All of the sunshine, all of the rain

Squeezing all of my sunshine from the Earth

Evaporating dry skies into the rain.

The steam preps the Conductor’s vibe again

 Rolling parallel to dirt roads, and trails, business districts

Grocers, farmland, until these cross ties have become old and stale.

 Lost souls turned into bones hanging from live oaks where we stood

 To desert heat, valleys & Smoky Mountain peaks

 Please don’t let me be accused as another

 that has let the brakes of fear release me

 from straying others off the tracks of life

 Many often struggle only because they know Not the facts of strife.

 Heading behind the demise of so many

 ignored of my patience they failed to see

that my ideals seemed to be just as good as any.

 Making it over the hill, ’round those mountainous curves,

I push through any and all that I can

the bloodshed and callous has revered the better halves of stress

I cry in the face of karma yet smile at the faces of death

 Always knew the difference between fate and destiny

 Always do my best, but never let obstacles get the best of me

 The Infamous Locomotive, feel the gust as I set out

 Further down a path I did not expect

 knowing it’s still so much I haven’t seen yet.

But of all the things…at least now I KNOW that I could…and for that

I have no regrets.

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