Lost & Found: Father’s Day Returned

So many say the words to receive no answer.
A hurtful thought that can eat away at your very soul like a cancer.
That’s why I always promised myself if I ever got the chance to
Fulfill that role I would do it well.
I look my father in his eyes and say thank you
even though I may have gave him pure hell.
He stood there, through the fire storms, from the day that I was born,
and here he stands today

Yes, I may be the cause behind a few of those gray hairs
I thank him because he didn’t have to stay.

Times have truly changed, the role of women being so independent
sometimes the role of a father has to be defended.

No one is perfect but some do use that as an excuse for that same  song.
Planting a seed into the cavities of fertility, the true  fruit of life.
No one said you have to make her your wife, but be a father.
A true father, so much more than just a dad,
I look at society today and must confess that it is sad.
My daughter will always know her father
I tell the women out there who act as mother and father…stay strong
Times are hard but not as hard as they have been.
Valued who you are, and on behalf of them I’m sorry.
I’m sorry they he doesn’t get it.
I’m sorry that he “got it” then refused to accept his position,
And I’m wishing….. he valued your worth.
I wish he appreciated that birth that was given to him.
To be more than just a donor,
I wish he could accept being the owner…of a blessing.
A lesson of love and life
The number of men that don’t understand…too funny
Its more than just the money, It’s the value of time spent
It’s the feeling of reminiscing on the places you’ve went.
It’s the comfort of having someone there for you…. as an angel sent.
To those that do… I SALUTE YOU!

My personal Honda CBR 954 RR...father's day gift to myself a few years back.  Captured this shot with the Nikon one evening after sunset.  No editing, no lie. hint...garage lighting :)

My personal Honda CBR 954 RR…father’s day gift to myself a few years back. Captured this shot with the Nikon one evening after sunset. No editing, no lie.  Mods and customizations done by me, and my bro.


8 thoughts on “Lost & Found: Father’s Day Returned

  1. very nice…I agree…my stepdad stepped up and took on 8 kids total…yet my sons’ fathers both chose to walk away. I know I made bad choices, but really? some men just don’t understand what it means to be a MAN!

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