Sun Gazing


Show me the way to be a better man to you,

I know I’m useful but may not be quite what you’re used to

Mold me as I mold you, don’t scold me because I would never scold you

I mean, when you speak I listen,

Although my thoughts you keep dismissing

I’ve tried to make you understand I’m not perfect

But know that you have my undivided…attention

Not to mention…your semblance places me in another dimension

And it doesn’t even compare to your intellect & grace

When I look into your face…. I see my Earth Tone Queen

I mean, I see a star…

I see a flower…beautifully blossomed

And yet so solemn, without a caretaker to render

The proper nurturing…I am

Don’t deny me, help me to refine thee….

Fertilize my soul, together as we grow old

I see you as the fruit sowed while I am groomed,

To be a better  provider

Its more than just a seed planted

and sowed, more like living in the Now

I see the reason I have always appreciated your smile.

DSC_0592Evening sunset in Negril

DSC_0597Still going…


…almost gone

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