What’s A Mustang To Do Without…Sally?


On one of my most recent visits back home to South Carolina I had the chance to capture a few shots of the ‘country ‘ life with my Nikon. Of those I snapped, I wanted to share a few that really stood out of this old Ford Mustang which I believe is a 1965 or 1966.  The car belonged to a distant relative that refused to sell it…for unknown reasons and to this day, no one knows why.  It now  sits alone after  numerous people have made offers to purchase or junk it only to be turned away as down and bereaved as the old thoroughbred looks himself.  I’ve seen this car sit in this same spot and literally fade away as far back as I can remember…I’m 31.  As usual, being a sucker for the natural and  raw side of nature and material it spoke to me.  Instantly the song “Mustang Sally” came to mind by Wilson Pickett. (Youtube it here)

And then I wondered…what if this old pile of  junk still had Sally?  What secrets would it share from the soapbox? That’s when I thought…Hmmm…maybe this:

You remember when Sally would give you a kiss

Saddle me up and throw me in 1st

Those were the good old days I miss

And if she wasn’t arguing with her old man we’d stop by and get Suzie Q.

That’s when I knew…we were in for a road trip

Two bad girls FREE under the sun… that Thelma & Louise type of sh*t.

Smiles on the run in those bright cat eyes

From the morning dew to the evening stars

Sally’s long gone now… buried not too far.

Backroads we left to the highways we ‘d come… from I-95 to 261

We traveled long ways…gassed up and ready.

‘Long as she didn’t drink too much

We’d pretty much hold it steady.

I thought we’d never slow down,

In ’65 we  lived all over the towns

Weeping in tears…Sally tamed me then left

No regrets in my stable this little light of mine still shines

No matter how incorrigible,

Time reaches us all

In due time.

In Its own stubborn way

Nowadays that sleek Dynasty Green has turned gray.

In those days gas was $0.31 cents per gallon

You wanna tell me what it is today?

At the wash they groomed me, brush my mane, and wiped me down

those were happy endings now the only thing that soothes me is these thorns

you mean to tell me they’re calling that acupuncture now?

Ashes to ashes… rust to dust

Wipe weeping eyes staying here isn’t a must

Look right there, it says  “original muscle American made 289 with a smile”

Life has long gone cause that synthetic  stuff would have killed me anyhow

Ask anyone… they would have told you about Sally & that ‘Stang.

We’d return under the moon and I promised old Sally I wouldn’t tell you a ‘thang’.




3 thoughts on “What’s A Mustang To Do Without…Sally?

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