Definition of Love:101


Love is something that cannot be misled or depleted,
underestimated, underrated or defeated.
Love doesn’t bring you home, love makes you not want to leave….. in the first place,
and when the road gets tough, love is the strongest alibi… even in the worst case.
Love is unconditional, keeping you strong even when your bones are weak,
Love seals that gap in your mind body and soul, and patches that broken heart that has a leak.
Love understands flaws but also enhances and molding these flaws as time goes on,
Love is holding each other tight, and not doubting one another… because love is just that strong.
Sometimes we mistake love for lust, not realizing love is more than just the physical,
Love brings endless joy, while lust only leaves you miserable.
Love is a bundle of happiness, placed upon your heart by God as a surprise,
Love is me getting a rise, everytime I look into her eyes.
Love is a dream but yet so real, anticipating each day and what it has in store,
my definition of love, is something to die for.
Love is smiling when I go to sleep grateful for every breath I breathe next to you,
Love has me baffled as I think to myself, for there is nothing that I wouldn’t do.
Love is something that never dies, even if we transform…it rekindles once reborn.
This is my definition of love, so much more than just affection….any questions?


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