On Another Cloud Tonight…NOte 9


Setting all love aside, lets talk about life…tonight.

What if life wanted your side of the story?

Every since my youth that’s a question I’ve been asking myself for years,

My vision is so often blurred by the many tears

that so often occur I very seldom get to witness my own fears.

What if life decided to take some of the sweeter things

Not knowing if you took away the materialistic filth

life can bear some of the more sweeter things

if we could stop letting influence of debit cards money and the myriad of mental scars…ruin.

What if life decided not to look me in the eyes

Or just ride by as I stood on the cliff of life’s flatline

On no this ain’t your regularly scheduled program especially when you

Merged thru many fatalities while facilitating life’s wrongs from the sidelines

I just don’t want us to let the nonsense continue to run thru our veins

Not seeing the bigger picture or appreciating the little things.

Breath…..feel that….Life.

My Life is Truth

What if life wanted my side of the story in facts?

Intoxicating high as a newborn coming into this world at birth…

…question is

Will he return to the dirt knowing the purpose of this life’s worth?

What if life decided not to love any more…

I mean….god is there working silently,

If peace isn’t made, subconsciously asking will He still just EJECT me….

As the program of the masses continue we let the bed bugs of society and the ignorance

divide us…there will be no middle class only poor and rich

before mankind himself is next up on the endangered list.


4 thoughts on “On Another Cloud Tonight…NOte 9

  1. man doesn’t deserve to be called mankind..we are far from kind. and personally I think we are already on that list. I just wish with all my heart humans would become HUMANE before we become extinct. Then we will have deserved that title.

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