7 Miles…From the Sun

7 mile beach extends through the Western tip of Jamaica through Negril.  The beach which used to be a getaway for hippies and free love in  the 70’s ( I wonder why) has become one of the quietest and most precious jewels along the Caribbean coast for tourists and locals alike.   Home to a variety of water sports like snorkeling, parasailing, and horseback riding this beach  is open to your fancy just about anytime of the day. Although sunrise views may be a bit difficult form this part of the island,  sunsets from this corner of the world are to die for.  We had the pleasure of staying at the Negril Palms Resort which is right on Seven mile.  Although the place was under new management and maintenance at the time, it was a very nice stay. Check TripAdvisor to ensure this place is ideal for your vacay.  If you are one expecting perfumed lotions & engraved towels, it may not be for you.  For the vanity buff anticipating a 4-5 star equivalent to The Palms Las Vegas, keep looking. I found the stay very comfortable for this vacation mainly because I don’t “sweat the small stuff.”  When embarking on a  escape like JA who needs all the extras?  Hotel amenities are a bonus but definitely not a need from my perspective.  Give me a good drink, sunshine, and the ocean’s cool breeze.



DSC_0795  DSC_0630 DSC_0629 DSC_0563 DSC_0555 DSC_0802 DSC_0583

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