Naked Steps…


Perched abreast the runways of my heart in her favorite Giuseppe
Passion, lust, love… all such funny things
Reminiscing on the first time you wore those
orange Monika Chiang last spring

The eradicated spirals of a downhill past
While her grace feathers through
the soles of those pink Vera Wang
Maybe it’s the sway of her hips in fantasy
wearing those fire Red Bottoms
echoing thru hardwood some would find so deafening

It was those late nights and imprints
of her Pour La Victoire that made me strong.
And those pheromones near the piers of a solemn moon
Then in came you wearing those Kate Spades
I still remember how they always soothe.

It has to be the assorted combinations of Jimmy Choo straying
in my mind aside the addiction to daydreams
of her lips sending chills under the moon
as she tip toes close in those Prada delights
glimpsing fetishes of one man’s observation may consume

Or perhaps it is those toes bare that I tend to captivate and stare
At your every step near and far in this season’s Christian Louboutin
The many walks of life and steps day by day
I’m humbled in a pair of Chuck Taylor’s
worn soul was still able to guide that path into you that day…

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