A Smoky Sunrise…

This Memorial Day,  I had the pleasure of visiting Pigeon Forge just outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains, this town’s essential to any vacation or weekend getaway for couples or the entire family.  From activities like ziplining and hiking; to helicopter rides and miniature golf there are tons of activities guaranteed to keep everyone engaged.  Along the Parkway adventures like Dollywood and Wonder Works are festive bonuses to this remarkable resort city.  Seated nearby is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park,  the largest area east of the Rocky Mountains that protects a rich history of wildlife, nature, and Appalachian ancestry.  Most of my time was spent soaking in the sun  and clean air of this abode. This was one trip I am glad I tagged along my Nikon just before exiting the door to capture a little bit of the natural essence in Tennessee.

I am definitely looking forward to a trip back to the Smokies!

DSC_1270                                                              Twilight from the third level of the cabin.

DSC_1276                                                             The mountains and valleys of Pigeon Forge just before sunrise.

DSC_1298                                                                                                     Sunrise at 6:21am

DSC_1313                                                                                                     The shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains.

DSC_1329                                                                                                                     Nature’s presentation.


Mountain view from afar.

DSC_1269                                                                       Cabins of Sugar Maple at Pigeon Forge.

DSC_1240                                                                        my best friends on this getaway…ahhh relaxation  🙂

DSC_1239                                                                                                     A Close-Up…

26 thoughts on “A Smoky Sunrise…

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  5. still not “like” option. Great pics love – love the way you’ve captured the sun coming up. I’m guessing the beer was the end of the day…… 🙂

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