A Day in the Life


A year ago I noted this date as to where my mind would travel

Remaining stagnant is hard to adhere, perhaps relapse racing to and fro

I paused as I answered that very question to myself

Overlooking any shoulders to lean on…I wanted to do it without any help.

I can honestly say I lost a few friends in the process,

Gained one or two I consider my best.

The Soul within at the very top of my list,

And even if all others were dismissed… you are there.

Looking at this cycle as One whole,

Then again, I wouldn’t recommend the tribulations endured,

That made the anniversary to my revitalization so pure.

Individually grounded in an awakening, knowing there is no time and there never was a wound to heal.

Steer me closer yet keep me clear…a lighthouse to my mental a guiding light foreign to fear.

Don’t mind me… I’m just trying to make do with what my heart sees as real

See through me as I trod along an open path,

I will strive until the very spirit decides to fast.

It’s the Anniversary to my revitalization…to thyself  give cheers,

as we chant mantras in hopes of rejuvenation to our peers.

It’s the Anniversary of My Revitalization… I planned this a year ago,

Now that my revitalization is complete…there are no limits to where I may go…

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