Sometimes the sentiments of life tend to shatter random moments of the past,

And glancing into the dimensions within a soul that knows forever will last.

I don’t know what matters as what seems to matter to me always seems to let the ignorance surpass destiny & the very factions many fail to see.

Sometimes the reunion of minds seems to redo what we have rendered and rewound through time

And souls refusing to include the presence of reality just misuse these flaws to every degree

Lost priorities focused away from mankind’s need to decipher a misguided seed

We need better conditioning…so on the sidelines of this corners being…I wait.

Enjoying the wondrous attributes created through nature’s very symphonic scheme

Knowing these thoughts painted across the canvas of life weren’t just some silly dream.

 photo taken near Lucea, Jamaica with my Nikon D3000 w/Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G.  Lucea is the little coastal capital in the Hanover parish.  Lots of boating and attractions between  Monteco Bay and Negril.  Beautiful people, great good, good times…enjoy!

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